Owner – Kepazolo
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My aim is to surpass excellence in my own unique way with health and safety at the forefront of all my services.

I believe that keeping up with new trends and the latest technologies makes you a more valuable asset. Also, having an open mind allows for more creativity and therefore, new discoveries and ideas are bound to surface. Every day, I strive to improve my talents through challenging experiences and continuing education so that I may be able to put forth only the best of me.

When I’m not actively participating in my business ventures, I enjoy biking, fishing, gaming, reading, and just “dinking” around.


Hands Only

Bare Essentials Manicure – $19
Extreme Shine, Instant GO GEL Polish Manicure – $49
Perfect Manicure – $29

Feet Only

Bare Essentials Pedicure – $39
Extreme Shine Instant GO GEL Polish Pedicure – $69
Perfect Pedicure – $49

Add Ons

French Nail Art – $10

Removal Services

Gel Polish or Shellac Removal – $10